Schools. Retirement homes. Religious institutions. Fire stations. Municipal buildings. Retail spaces. Housing and residential communities. Small businesses and corporations. Investment opportunities.

These are the projects that make a community. We can assist you at every phase of the project, with our commercial general contracting services at the center of our business. From a new build to major renovations, we have the know-how and the manpower to complete your vision with efficiency and quality.


RT Contracting will bid the work with subcontractors, while also providing an internal bid with our own contractors. If RT shows to be the most competitive in the bid process, the client can hire our employees to do the scope of the work.

RT’s involvement on a typical project starts at preconstruction services and continues until we hand the owner the keys to their new space. We’ll also facilitate with subcontractors on project schedule and help solve any roadblocks during the construction process.


RT Contracting utilizes our own equipment, when available, to help speed up the construction process and alleviate client costs.


At RT Contracting, Inc. we are committed to meeting all our clients’ construction needs, from concept to completion. This is why for us the first step of the process is represented by preconstruction services, a stage often overlooked, but vital for the success and good quality outcome of your construction project. We coordinate the following preconstruction activities:


Your project will start on a good foundation as we create the project program with emphasis on functionality and based on your needs and expectations.


Our construction experts will evaluate the site to ensure it can  conform to the project requirements.


Permits, approval of design, connecting to utility providers – leave this often confusing red tape to us!


Our experts will compare the scope of the work against the budget and find alternative solutions to improve cost, schedule, and quality.


This step consists of reviewing design documents for inaccuracies, identifying areas of concern, and working to obtain team consensus.


We make sure our clients are on budget even before the design is finalized by carefully reviewing the cost estimate with the design team. At the end of this stage you will have a final project cost estimate, also taking into account market conditions.


A detailed project sequencing plan will be developed so your project is completed in an organized and predictable manner.



Operating expenses are taken into account at this stage and the project proforma is drafted, with major construction expenditures included.


The main point of this activity is to eliminate delays by procuring long lead materials and equipment and storing them until they are needed at the site.


RT Contracting, Inc. develops complete bid packages for each trade and collaborates with qualified bidders to avoid errors and change orders.


Ensuring safety begins before the first worker sets foot on the construction site, with the development of a specific safety plan and implementation of best practices.


We know that the key to success is collaboration. We cultivate team spirit with every opportunity and encourage everyone to express their ideas with our open-book approach.

RT Contracting, Inc. is ready to handle the preconstruction phase for you to set the foundations for a functional and financially viable construction project.

RT Contracting, Inc. employs the design-build delivery method, when we handle both the design and construction services for your project, employing a single point of responsibility that reduces client risk and project costs.


RT Contracting Inc. takes responsibility for multiple aspects of a project including the project design and construction.  There is no finger pointing between contractor and architect as they are under the same contract and working as a team from project conception until successful completion.


Since the designer and contractor are on the same team, unified recommendations accelerate project delivery speed and reduces the risk of errors. The owner no longer needs to settle disputes between the designer and contractor, who under the traditional project delivery method work separately and often assign blame for project issues.


In the traditional delivery method of construction hard project budgets are not set until the design is complete and bid out to multiple contractors.  With design build RT can use a preliminary set of design plans and create a construction budget so that clients get their financial numbers early.  At that point the project can progress as planned or be modified as necessary to meet client needs.  This process reduces project design time and waste and gives clients confidence to proceed.


With the design-build method, the owner, architect, contractor, and engineer can work together at the same table enabling effective communication and collaboration early on. Better design and functionality ideas develop, which eventually leads to added value for the client.


The schedule and costs of a construction project are impacted positively when the design-build method is used. Adjustments and improvements are easier to make along the way, delays are prevented, and design and construction phases can easily overlap.

RT Contracting, Inc. is ready to assist with your construction project and our team can provide you with all the benefits of the design-build method.


Pre-engineered steel buildings offer economical and sound structures for a variety of needs, from industrial to commercial, recreational to agricultural. The steel-framed buildings are factory pre-engineered to piece together at the construction site. RT can provide custom solutions for your open-span building needs as we are a dealer for Ceco Building Systems.

Shorter construction times, affordability, durability and practicality are top reasons to choose pre-engineered steel structures. An added bonus is that steel buildings remain low cost on labor expenses and long-term maintenance. Steel maintains its stability and doesn’t succumb to moisture-related shape changes, like bowing, warping and rotting.

These lightweight structures, with no restrictive load-bearing walls necessary, provide for countless floor plan possibilities. Partner with RT Contracting’s team to assist you in choosing the optimal pre-engineered steel design for your custom needs, followed by our expert work in preconstruction and build services.


Whether you’re moving into a previously occupied space or a new build with an open interior layout, RT Contracting can help you efficiently remodel tenant space for your custom needs - also known as fit-out construction.

We assist tenants with planning and completing the optimal layout for their remodel of business offices, medical offices, educational institutions and more. Our experts will stay on top of zoning requirements, electrical needs, permits and other potential delays to help complete your project in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 

Once completed, you’ll know the space was remodeled with your design and functionality in mind. Contact RT Contracting for your fit-out construction needs.


While RT Contracting’s core business began as a construction firm, we’re growing and partnering with clients beyond the build process. Instead of relying only on commissioned projects, we are entering the marketplace by developing our own projects.

We enjoy working with clients on all facets of the development process, providing an alternate model in which we invest and partner in a client’s project. Those steps include:

  • Project feasibility
  • Site selection
  • Building design
  • Construction
  • Management

Our investment in the community extends beyond the design and build process, now extending to partnerships in real estate management. We understand that designing and building is simply the first step of transforming a community, and once the building is occupied, it brings life to the area. By asserting ourselves into the real estate ownership and management market, we help not only build cost-effective, beautiful buildings, we have a stake in the economic impact of our joint investment.


RT Contracting can provide preliminary cost estimates for construction and design projects to verify financial viability. Before even breaking ground, our experts can help develop a needed cost/benefit analysis of your project. We can identify potential pitfalls and risks, market changes, regulatory standards, personnel and equipment requirements, materials estimates and other factors that will influence your long-term building project. Additionally, we can help you during the planning process to seek alternate solutions to major obstacles.

Our feasibility study will provide you with the necessary big-picture information on how to proceed with the next phase. The study will help you set realistic budgets and timelines - both vital for successful projects from start to finish. Let RT Contracting’s experts assist you at this crucial pre-planning phase.